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Hello Guys.! You are Most welcome to submit your Guest post on our blog. But before submit the post you must cares about some of our terms and condition. Here are the key points in this post
1: How Everyone can post on this Blog – We have Fully Step by step described. if you want to learn how you can submit guest post you can just click here  Submit Guest Post  and see tutorial.

2: Who can submit their Guest Post: Everone who want to earn money and wan to get backlink from our blog can submit their post free of cost. Now everyone would see how he can earn money with submit their post. Its about your quality of content, if UOGhealth Approve your post and get rank. we shall pay 5$ for that.

Before you continuous to write your content for submission, you must read our terms and conditions first.

 Terms and Conditions of Submit Post

Here are the some terms and conditions of submit your guest post.

  1. Topic of your Post: The most and the required thing is on which topic you would write your post. So do not worry we have a Notice Board. from there you can pick your topic and can write your article. Please click here for Notice Board
  2. Quality of Article – Post: The Quality of Post is the priority for approval. You must care about this. Your Article Must cover all the dimension of your post title. Do not make spam in Article. Its not need that article must need this- Limit of words. no never. Just cover your topic and submit.
  3. Credit of Post:  We Respect All and if your work is great or You see someone others work great please give them Credit for that. this way we can appreciate each other. and UOGHEALTH do not want to degrade anyone. just try to be best for every time.
  4. Photos and Screen Shot: Everyone knows that Photos can more told than words. so you must add some photos and screen shot to convey your full message. You can also put a video or video link of YouTube.
  5. Copy Right – Plagiarism: Its really very important thing that you must care about the copyright and plagiarism of your post. because UOGHEALTH respect all of your post and data that are already submitted to other blogs. If we found any post that is copyright , we shall remove the account and all post from UOGHEALTH.  Please be assure that its meet of the system of our terms and conditions.
  6. Comments: Comments are the Best way to appreciate the others work. Must comment on others post also. and if someone ask for help must help and answer the all questions of others.

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