Rules for Paid Members

Rules for Paid Members: Here Are the Some Points that you Must keep in your mind Before make your Post.

  1. You Must Submit Your CV. You can download CV per forma by click here and fulfill with your correct info. online to us to this mail =

Fill Contact Form

  1. After Submit Your CV please check the Requirements
  2. Your Post Must Fullfil All the Requirements About RankMath and SEO.

Some Requirements of RANKMATH about Rules for Paid Members

  • Post Requirements
  • About Copy Right
  • About Payment
Post Requirements | Your Post must Provide the Full detail about topic. All Tags are toggle please click one by one and check everything. these is detailed written.


The SEO score Must be atleast 70/100. otherwise your post will not be published. you can check photo of SEO score i have added

Post Meta Tags

Post Meta tags must be added. There should be 5 to 6 meta tags as shown in photo

Edit Snippets

Must Click on Edit Snippet and edit all the given data. Your topic must be normal and should not extend the giving limit of characters. Must Follow Rules for Paid Members

Focus Keywords

Choose a Focus Keyword. your focus keyword must get 100/100 points for acceptance of your post. otherwise your post will not accept.

Basic Seo

All the necessary things about basic seo must fulfill. in basic SEo you need to put a focus keyword in the url and beginning of the content. the content atleast must be more than 600 words. Rules for Paid Members

Rules for Paid Members

Some Additional Points

Here Are some additional points that you must kept in mind while writing your post.

  • Your URL must less than 50 characters.
  • The Focus keyword should also use in subheadings.
  •  Your Post must link with another post. its a great thing that when you near to finish one post , you must give a outbound link for your new post.
  •  You must use internal links too.
  • The Important thing is Never use focus keyword more than 1 time.Aditional seo basics points

Title Readability

Your title must be precise. The focus keyword should be at starting of your post title. Title should not exceed 60 characters.

Content Readability

In the body of content there must be some photos. Your photos must includes the ALT tags and titles. Content Must be in Short sentences and precisely written.

Featured Images

Its Advised that you must add featured Image as i mention down.

Feauted Paid Members

About Copy Right | Here Your Must knows some points in your mind. Your content should not be copied from any website. the Detailed Points are given down.

Some Major Points

  • Your Content Must be your own written.
  • copied content allowed only less than 10%
  • You Do not need to Check you content from any other site that its unique or not.
  • If you write it in your own words then Don’t worry.

In Case of Plagiarism

  • Your Account Will be cancel immediately.
  • Your All Balance Will be Froze and need to confirmation.
  • Your IP, Browser and System PC UIED will be banned from our database.
  • So you will not be see our site more. in Some case we can Sue on you on your identity and Plagiarism content.
Payment | Your Payment Will Transfer immediately when we make publish your post. There are some Points that you should keep in mind about Payment.

How Much We Shall Pay

Its really very important thing to know how much we shall pay you before you start working with us.

  1. Rules for Paid Members
  2. First of all we Shall Check Your Post About copyright and Plagiarism.
  3. Second Step to Check the Value of Topic and Source of your content and preciseness.
  4. Your SEO marks will also calculate to Evaluate your Post Money.
  5. How Much You work hard for the post and on Photos and Logos all will count.
  6. Your Words will also be count that you used in body of content.
  7. We shall check how much you see Rules for Paid Members.
  8. To See All Above points we shall give you Points.
  9. On the base of given Points we shall award you Post Payment.

Payment GateWay - How I shall Receive My Money

You shall Receive your payment with two ways.

  • You Must have your easypaisa account. OR
  • You Must have your jazzcash account.
  • Or we can transfer Sim balance to your given Mobile Number.

Why Payment Will Stop

There Are some Points Due to we can stop your payment.

  • You Make copy of content From any other website or from book.
  • If you make your content spin. Or you used any spin tool to generate content.
  • If you Share your content to another publisher also.
  • You are not Allowed to sell your post to another while you have sell that to use already.

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